Suport a la resistencia de les dones iranianes!

Estimades col·legues,

Escric per a demanar-vos el vostre suport per a una declaració internacional en defensa de les dones de l’Iran que estan liderant la lluita per la democràcia i llibertat al país.

Esperem fer pública la declaració per a commemorar l’aniversari del 16 de setembre, en què les dones i les nenes van tenir un paper destacat.

La declaració ja ha rebut el suport de nombroses i estimades dones líders mundials, Premis Nobel i dignataries.

Us demanem que uniu les vostres forces amb una poderosa coalició del món de les dones
líders, parlamentàries, acadèmiques, drets humans i expertes legals, així com artistes, atletes i organitzacions internacionals per amplificar les veus de les dones iranianes, advocant pels seus drets i ASPIRACIONS.

Per confirmar el vostre suport, responeu al nostre correu electrònic amb el vostre nom i
títol, que s’afegirà a la declaració.

Gràcies per la vostra valuosa contribució a aquesta causa.

Salutacions càlides,


IHRM (Iran Human Rights Monitor)

A continuació, transcribim el missatge que hem rebut, en versió original en anglès, així com la declaració i la relació provisional de les persones que li donen suport:




Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to request your support for an international statement in
defense of the women of Iran who are leading the fight for democracy and
freedom in the country.

We hope to make the statement public to mark the anniversary of the
September 16th uprising, in which women and girls played a leading role.

The statement has already received the support of numerous esteemed
female world leaders, Nobel laureates and dignitaries.

We ask you to join forces with a powerful coalition of women world
leaders, parliamentarians, academics, human rights, and legal experts,
as well as artists, athletes, and international organizations to amplify
the voices of Iranian women, advocating for their rights and

To confirm your support, please reply to our email with your name and
title to be added to the statement.

Thank you for your valuable contribution to this cause.

Warm regards,




Statement of Support for the Resistance of Iranian Women

As we approach the first anniversary of the Iranian people’s uprising
for freedom, we, the undersigned, express our solidarity and support for
the uprising of the Iranian people, especially women.

On September 16, 2022, a nationwide uprising erupted, with women and
girls pioneering this revolt. Of the 750 individuals tragically killed
by the regime’s repressive forces, a significant number were young women
and girls. As a result of the regime’s brutal suppression, at least 70
children lost their lives.

The demand of the Iranian people, both women and men, crystallized in
their slogans, is to end the religious dictatorship and establish a
democratic republic based on the separation of religion and state and
complete gender equality.

In the face of the brutality and savagery of the clerical regime, the
world observed the courage and audacity of Iranian women and girls
during the uprising. They defied the regime’s oppressive forces,
especially the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij, risking their lives
with bare hands, and chanted, “whether veiled or unveiled, we are
heading towards the revolution.”

The courage and prominence of women in this struggle did not
spontaneously materialize. Rather, it is firmly rooted in a century of
Iranian women’s resistance against two distinct forms of tyranny:
monarchical and religious dictatorships. Misogyny is a distinct feature
and one of the pillars of the system of velayat-e faqih (absolute
clerical rule). The people, especially the youths and women of Iran, are
determined to end this medieval dictatorship.

Now, as the ruling mullahs in Iran have once again launched oppressive
Guidance patrols in the streets to suppress women and prevent the
re-ignition of the uprising, and as the religious tyranny has stepped up
executions to continue its rule,

We, the undersigned, express our solidarity with 3600 parliamentarians
worldwide and 123 former presidents and prime ministers, who voiced
support for Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elect of the National
Council of Resistance of Iran, and her Ten-point Plan for a free,
democratic republic and gender equality in all spheres, most notably the
right of women to freely choose their attire.

We ask the international community to stand with the brave women and
people of Iran, place the oppressive and criminal Revolutionary Guards
on the terrorist list, and take decisive steps to hold the leaders of
the regime accountable for their crimes.

Partial list of Signatories:

Former Heads of State and Ministers:

        * Yulia Tymoshenko, Former Prime Minister, Ukraine
        * Tarja Halonen, Former President of Finland
        * Rosalia Arteaga Serrano, Former President of Ecuador
        * Judy A. Sgro, Senior Member of Parliament from Liberal Party in
Canada, former minister of Citizenship and Immigration (2003-2005),
        * Antonella Mularoni, Former Minister of Foreign and Political Affairs,
San Marino, and former Judge of the European Court of Human Rights, San
        * Candice Bergen, Minister of State for Social Development of Canada
2013 – 2015; Former leader of the Conservative Party of Canada
        * Åse Kleveland, Minister of Culture of Norway (1990-1996); Well-known
        * Jurgita Šiugždinienė, MP, former Minister of Science, Education
and Sports of Republic of Lithuania
        * Dr. Hoda Badran, Former Minister, President of the Egyptian Feminist
Union, Egypt
        * Hakima El Haite, Former Minister of Energy, Mines, Water and the
Environment, Morrocco
        * Dr. Nahed Shaker, Former Minister from Egypt
        * Sihem Badi, Former Minister of Women Affairs in Tunisia
        * Najimeh Tay Tay, Former Minister of Education and Youth in Morrocco

Nobel Prize Laureates:

        * Oleksandra Matviichuk, 2022 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Ukraine
        * Elfriede Jelinek, 2004 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Austria

High Dignitaries:

        * Ingrid Betancourt, Former Senator and Presidential candidate for
        * Linda Chavez, Former White House Director of the Office of Public
Liaison, USA
        * Amb. Filloreta Kodra, Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative
of Albania to the United Nations in Geneva
        * Amb. Zorica Marić-Djordjević – Ambassador of Montenegro to the UN
Human Rights Council and World Trade Organization (2013-2018)
        * Amb. Amanda Ellis, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of New
Zealand to the United Nations in Geneva (2013-2016), New Zealand

Members of Parliament:

        * Baroness Verma, Member of House of Lords, Under-Secretary
(Department for International Department 2015-2016 and Parliamentary
Under-Secretary (Department of Energy and Climate Change 2012-2015, UK
        * Baroness Blackstone, Member of House of Lords, former Minister of
State for Culture and Media, UK
        * Baroness Harris of Richmond, Member of House of Lords, Former Deputy
Speaker, UK
        * Baroness Redfern, Member of House of Lords, UK
        * Baroness Lister, Member of House of Lords, UK
        * Baroness Jones of Moulescoombe, Member of House of Lords, UK
        * Rt Hon. Caroline Nokes MP, Member of House of Commons, Chair of the
Women and Equalities Select Committee, Former Minister of State for Home
Office 2018-2019, UK
        * Nadia Whittome MP, Labour member of House of Commons, UK
        * Patricia Lattanzio, Member of Parliament (Liberal Party), Canada
        * Claudia Mihaela Banu, Senator from Romania
        * Angela Munteanu-Pojoga, Member of Parliament, Moldova
        * Kira Rudik, Member of Parliament, Ukraine; Vice President of ALDE
Group, Chair of Holos party of Ukraine
        * Lisa Yasko, MP, Parliament of Ukraine
        * Stefania Ascari, Member of Parliament, Italy
        * Marica Montemaggi, Member of Parliament, Italy
        * Helga Vala Helgadottir, Member of Parliament, Iceland
        * Berglind Ósk Guðmundsdóttir, Member of Parliament, Iceland
        * Morgana Daniele, Member of Parliament, Lithuania
        * Karmen Joller, Member of Parliament, Estonia
        * Hanah Lahe, Member of Parliament, Estonia
        * Prof. Dr. Gordana Siljanovska- Davkova, Member of the Parliament and
President of Committee on Equality of Men and Women, Northern Macedonia
        * Dragica Gjavocanova, Member of Parliament, North Macedonia
        * Sue Higginson, Member of Parliament, New South Wales, Australia
        * Lynda Voltz, Member of Parliament, New South Wales, Australia
        * Anna Watson, MP Labor Party, Australia
        * Abigail Boyd MLC, Greens NSW Member of the NSW Legislative Council
        * Amanda Cohn MLC, Greens NSW Member of the NSW Legislative Council
        * Cate Faehrmann, MLC, Greens NSW Member of the NSW Legislative Council

        * Jenny Leong MP, Greens NSW, Member for Newtown
        * Kobi Shetty MP, Greens NSW, Member for Balmain
        * Tamara Smith, Greens NSW, Member for Ballina
        * Maryam Alshaikh, Member of Parliament, Mauritania
        * Zaynab Albadool, Member of Parliament, Jordan

Experts, Academics, Lawyers, and Heads of International Organizations:

        * Dominique Attias, Lawyer, President of the Board of Directors of the
Foundation of European Lawyers, Former President of the European Bars
Federation, Former Vice-President of the Bar Association at the Court of
Appeal of Paris, France
        * Hon. Dr. Jocelynne A. Scutt, Senior Fellow at the University of
Buckingham; former Anti-Discrimination Commissioner of Tasmania; former
Judge of the High Court of Fiji, UK
        * Prof. Rebecca Cook, Professor Emerita, Faculty of Law at the
University of Toronto, Canada
        * Dr. Victoria Sanford, Founding Director, Center for Human Rights &
Peace Studies at Lehman College-City University of New York (CUNI)
(2010-2020); Lehman Professor of Excellence, Lehman College-City
University of New York (CUNI) (2021-2024), USA
        * Dr. Ellen J. Kennedy, Executive Director, World Without Genocide, USA
        * Prof. Pearl Eliadis, Law Office of Pearl Eliadis; Associate
Professor, McGill University, Canada
        * Prof. Susana SaCouto, Director, War Crimes Research Office (WCRO),
American University Washington College of Law (AUWCL), USA
        * Dr. Maude Barlow, Former Senior Advisor on Water to the President of
the United Nations General Assembly; Former Chairperson of the Council
of Canadians, Canada
        * Prof. Hilary Earl, Professor of European History and Genocide
Studies, Nipissing University; former Member of the Advisory Board,
International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS)
        * Prof. Rhoda E. Howard-Hassmann, Professor Emerita, Wilfrid Laurier
University; Canada Research Chair in International Human Rights
(2003-2016); Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada
        * Prof. Debórah Dwork, Director, Center for the Study of the
Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against Humanity at The Graduate
Center—City University of New York (CUNY), USA
        * Tali Nates, Founder and Executive Director, Johannesburg Holocaust
and Genocide Center
        * Prof. Caroline Bennett, Lecturer in Social Anthropology and
International Development, University of Sussex School of Global
Studies, UK
        * Dr. Melanie O’Brien, President, International Association of Genocide
Scholars; Associate Professor of International Law, University of
Western Australia
        * Prof. Theresia Degener, Former Chairperson, UN Committee on the
Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD); Director of Bochum Center
for Disability Studies (BODYS), Oman
        * Tracy Edwards MBE, Founder, The Maiden Factor, UK
        * Prof. Dr. Valeriu Ciuca, first Romanian judge at the General
Tribunal of the European Union
        * Donna Robinson Divine, Morningstar Family Professor of Jewish Studies
and Professor of Government Emerita, Department of Government, Smith
College, University of Haifa
        * Lia Tsuladze, Associate Professor of Sociology, Tbilisi State
University, Georgia.
        * Hiljmnijeta Apuk, Laureate of the prestigious UN Prize in the Field
of Human Rights, Founder of NGO Little People of Kosova
        * Gay McDougall, Senior Fellow and Distinguished Scholar-in-Residence,
Leitner Center for International Law and Justice / Center for Race, Law
and Justice, Fordham University School of Law
        * Dr. Élise Le Gall, President, French Association for the Promotion
of Universal Jurisdiction – Association Française pour la Promotion de
la Compétence Universelle (AFPCU); Member of the List of Counsel for
the International Criminal Court (ICC), France
        * Ms. Maud De Boer-Buquicchio, UN Special Rapporteur on the Sale and
Sexual Exploitation of Children (2014-2020); former Deputy Secretary
General of the Council of Europe, Netherlands
        * Prof. Soledad Villagra de Biedermann, Member of the UN Working Group
on Arbitrary Detention (2002-2008), Paraguay
        * Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, Co-Founder and Co-President, Lemkin
Institute for Genocide Prevention; Endowed Chair, Department of
Holocaust and Genocide Studies, Keene State College; Academic Board
Member, Zoryan Institute; Former President, Genocide Watch; Former First
Vice President, International Association of Genocide Scholars, USA
        * Prof. Jennifer Wright Knust, Professor of Religious Studies, Duke
University; Director, Elizabeth A. Clark Center for Late Ancient
Studies; Co-Director, Franklin Humanities Institute Manuscript Migration
Lab, UK
        * Melissa Parke, Member, UN Group of Eminent Experts on Yemen
(2017–2021); Former Federal Labor Member for Fremantle; Former
Minister for International Development (AusAID), Australia
        * Ms. Susan Bazilli, UN Expert in the OHCHR examination of the human
rights situation in Belarus; Director of International Women’s Rights
Project (IWRP), Canada
        * Clair Duffy, Former Prosecution Appeals Counsel, UN International
Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR), Australia
        * Abbé Jolles, International Human Rights Litigator, USA
        * Dr. Karen Smith, United Nations Assistant Secretary-General and
Special Adviser of the UN Secretary-General on the Responsibility to
Protect (2019-2021), South Africa
        * Irene Victoria Massimino, Co-President of the Lemkin Institute for
Genocide Prevention; Professor of Jurisprudence and Human Rights; Former
High Criminal Court Rapporteur of Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016-2020),
        * Marion Boeker, Director, Consultancy on Human Rights & Gender Issues,
Berlin, Germany
        * Sonja Biserko, founder, and president of the Helsinki Committee for
Human Rights in Serbia
        * Hanan Abdullatif, Regional Director, Al-Rafidain International Center
for Justice and Human Rights – Europe
        * Zainab Al-Kaabi, Regional Director, Al-Rafidain International Center
for Justice and Human Rights – Middle East
        * Prof. Sara Chandler KC (Hon), Secretary of the FBE Human Rights
Commission, UK
        * Laura Olteanu , President of the Women’s Commission of the National
Trade Union Confederation CARTEL ALFA, Romania
        * Ughetta Biancotta, presidente ANPI Cuneo, Italy
        * Elisabetta Zamparutti, Founder of Hands-off Cain; former member of
parliament, Italy
        * Maria Lina Vitturini, presidente Commissione Pari opportunia, Italy
        * Dr. Zahra Ali, Professor, Rutgers University, USA
        * Dr. Phyllis Chesler, Emerita Professor of Psychology, Author,
        * Mandy Sanghera, International human rights activist, UK

Athletes and Artists:

        * Yasmin Le Bon, supermodel, UK
        * Sharron Davies MBE, Swimmer, Olympic medalist, UK
        * Laila Awad, actress and director, Syria
        * Yara Sabri, actress, Syria


        * CIVICUS
        * Center for the Study of the Holocaust, Genocide, and Crimes Against
Humanity at The Graduate Center—City University of New York (CUNY)
        * The Lemkin Institute for Genocide Prevention
        * Human Rights Measurement Initiative


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